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About CGA

About CGA

The Charity Governance Awards (CGA) recognises charities that have adopted the highest standards of governance. An initiative of the Charity Council, the CGA aims to promote good governance in the charity sector by acknowledging the excellent work of charities, while inspiring others to emulate their best practices.

To recognise charities with good disclosure practices, the Charity Council has also introduced the inaugural Charity Transparency Awards in 2016. This enabled the awards to be more inclusive but also emphasises that transparency and good disclosure practices are important pillars of good governance.

The process will be the same annually. All charities that meet the qualifying standards in disclosure under the Charity Transparency Framework will receive the Charity Transparency Awards. They will also be eligible for the Charity Governance Awards assessment.

For 2020, there will be a hiatus for the Charity Transparency and Governance Awards.

For information on the Charity Transparency Awards, please refer to this page.


Charities which have submitted its Charity Transparency Awards (CTA) participation form, and have been assessed to performed well and be considered as a potential CTA winner, will be invited to participate in the Charity Governance Awards.
The Eligibility Criteria for the Charity Governance Awards
  • Be a registered charity and/or an IPC in Singapore for at least three years

  • Have submitted their Annual reports (AR), Financial Statements (FS) and Governance Evaluation Checklist (GEC) on time for the two immediate preceding financial years;

  • Have gross annual receipts of not less than $50,000 in the immediate preceding financial year;

  • Have complied with the Code of Governance for Charities and IPCs based on its latest submitted GEC;

  • Not be a main category winner of CGA in the last three years; and

  • Be a potential Charity Transparency Award Winner in the year of participation.

More information on the Charity Governance Awards will be release in the later part of 2021.


Last Updated: 09 March 2017