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Charity Transparency Framework

First launched in 2015, the Charity Transparency Framework (CTF) aimed to improve transparency and accountability in the charity sector. In 2016, the inaugural Charity Transparency Awards was held to recognise charities who had performed well in their disclosure practices based on the CTF’s Charity Disclosure Scorecard. The Charity Council initiated a review in 2019 to refine the CTF’s relevance and applicability for charities, as well as to align the framework with the refined Code of Governance issued in 2017. The revised CTF was issued in October 2020.


The CTF with its Charity Disclosure Scorecard act as a guide to help charities take active steps to improve charity transparency. The scorecard also serves as a self-diagnostic tool for charities to assess themselves against identified good disclosures standards. It is not mandatory.


You may download the documents below:


For a more comprehensive understanding of the framework, charities are encouraged to refer to the following resources:


Other relevant resources available: