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Jun 4
Role of Leadership in Defining a Non-Profit Organisation Culture

This article was previously published online by the Shared Services for Charity.

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May 14
A Brush with the Law

This article was first published in Charity Council Newsletter 7. 

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Jun 13
Serving on Non-Profit Boards

An effective partnership between a new board member and a non-profit organisation entails having the right fit, or chemistry. This article written by Mr Janssen Ong, Centre for Non-Profit Leadership, provides an insight into the key considerations to note when it comes to leadership volunteering at the board level.


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Jul 1
The Regulatory Framework of Charities (Part 1)

Written by Centre for Social Development (Asia) and published in the IS Chartered Accountant journal, this is the second article of the series themed “Accounting for Good”. It covers legislations and Code of Governance pertaining to Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs).

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May 15
Managing Charity Funds

This article was first published in Charity Council Newsletter 2. 

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