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About the Charity Council

The Charity Council was first established in 2007 and members to the Council for each term are appointed by the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth.

Roles of the Council:

1. Promoter - the Council will promote good governance standards and best practices, to enhance public confidence in the charity sector.

2. Enabler - the Council will help build the governance capabilities of charities and IPCs to enable them to comply with regulatory requirements and be more accountable to the public.

3. Advisor - the Council will advise the Commissioner of Charities (COC) on key regulatory issues and significant cases, so that the COC can make more informed and robust decisions.

Composition of Charity Council

The 8th Council, appointed from 1 March 2021 to 28 February 2023, comprises of 14 members, including the Chairman.

11 members are from the people sector, chosen for their expertise in accountancy, corporate governance, entrepreneurship and law. They are also involved in volunteer and charity work in varied fields such as arts and heritage, community, education, health and social services. The other 3 members are representatives from the Sector Administrators, namely that of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social and Family Development. 

Charity Council's Logo

The Charity Council's logo has the shape of a butterfly. A butterfly is highly adaptable - it signifies transformation and heralds the signs of new life. Like a butterfly is attuned to changes to its environment, the Charity Council seeks to be attuned to the changes in the charity sector so as to fulfill its role as an enabler of charities, promoter of good governance and advisor to the Commissioner of Charities. Like butterflies which herald the signs of new life, the Charity Council also hopes to bring about renewed public confidence in the charity sector. In turn, well-governed and well-managed charities would also become the butterflies which bring hope to their beneficiaries.

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