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May 13
Helping Charities Do Good Better

Written by Centre for Social Development (Asia) and published in the IS Chartered Accountant journal, this article provides an introduction to accountants on the local charity landscape. It also highlights the importance of financial accountability as well as challenges that charities face.

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May 13
How Should Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) Take The Right Risks?

Written by the risk advisory division of RSM, this article touches on the relatively new but important topic of Risk Management for NPOs. It articulates the ‘Whys’ and the ‘Hows’ of NPOs and their governing board’s involvement in the Risk Management process to ensure sustainability of their charitable organisation in this increasingly inclusive society.

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Dec 2
Charities Accounting Standard (CAS) - To Adopt or Not To Adopt?

Written by Mr Suhaimi Salleh in Oct 2011, he penned his opinions of the CAS which was launched in June 2011. The CAS was customised for charities to make it more relevant and less onerous, especially for smaller charities that were just starting out.

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